What I Learned From LeBron James About Legacy at the Warrior Event

I got home around 230AM late last night from the Warrior Event in Raleigh, NC.

It was on my mind this morning, so I decided to write a quick post and share a few of the BIG takeaways that shifted my mindset and will immediately help me in my business, and I am certain that you will get a ton of value as well.

1. “There is more money in the simplistic than there is in the hard.” – Greg Cesar

This one hit home for me.

As entrepreneurs, sometimes we over think things and make them more complicated than they should be.

Or we think things will be more difficult than they really will be, and this can prevent us from getting started.

Stop doing this. lol.

Find a simple process, tweak it until it works, and keep doing it.

I had dinner with Greg and some of the other attendees/speakers Saturday night, and Greg reminded me of the #1 marketing advice that you can ever get that will ensure your success:

Find a hot market

Ask them what they want

Give it to them

This is the easiest way to profit in your business, and it’s also so simple that its easy for us to forget.

I’m sure you’ve had what you thought was a great idea (even though you didn’t ask the market what it wanted), launched it, only to find out that no one buys it.

I have too.

Moving forward, I will use this and my Business Launch Checklist as my guiding light moving forward.

And the crazy thing about this– I talk about the importance of this in my bestselling book How to Create Lifetime Customers, and I recently did a product launch without asking the market what it wanted.

Of course it did not sell well, and I know better.

This will not happen again.

2. “If it does not recur, it does not occur.” – Matt Bacak

This is a guide to focus on predictable, recurring revenue in your business.

No matter what industry you are in, you can find a way to provide value to your target customers on a monthly, ongoing basis.

No matter if you’re selling something for $9/mo like Netflix or $129/mo like some cell phone companies, you MUST add continuity billing to your business.

It’s one of the cornerstones to building a valuable business that will be easy to sell, and it will help you create generational wealth.

Also, it will help you sleep at night. If you’ve been on the hustle of making X amount of money this month, then having to start at $0 the next month, you know how stressful that can be.

When you have recurring billing in your business, if you make $5,000 this month, you know if you do not do any work the next month because you were on vacation with your family and friends, you’ll still have roughly $5,000 coming in that you can count on (not factoring for attrition).

3. G + G + A = Legacy (Matt learned this from LeBron James)

This was another Matt Bacak gem via LeBron.

The first “G” stands for GRATITUDE.

When you have a sense of gratitude for everything in your life, it attracts even more wonderful things, eliminates negativity, improves relationships, and even helps you focus on problem solving.

For example, Matt mentioned his wife wishing their kids would not fight.

Matt’s response was “I’m glad they fight, because if some kids ever try to bully them, they will know how to defend themselves!”

You can find something good from every situation. It’s all about perspective.

The second “G” stands for GIVING (and RECEIVING).

If you want love, give love. If you want money, give money.

It’s a very simple law of attraction, but it works.

Try it.

And do not forget to be open to receiving. A lot of us miss this part, and it’s just as vital to the process.

The “A” in GGA represents ATTRACTION.

The Law of Attraction works. If you put out good vibes, you will get good vibes back.

If you give someone a warm, friendly smile, it will be very difficult for them to not return the favor.

Give your best to the world, and expect and believe that you will attract the best back.

To close out, I had the opportunity to MC the panel session of the Warrior Event. It was a great group of brilliant entrepreneurs, and I made some new friends for life.

And regardless of what happens, that is always a major win.

Peace and much love to you,


P.S. Which of the big 3 impacted you the most and why? Leave a comment below and let me know!