061: How to Get 5 & 6 Figure Consulting Deals by Working Less with Frank Bria

In episode 061, Frank Bria shares how you can get paid high five and six figure deals by switching from a time and project based work model to a value based pricing model. He also demystifies what it takes to build a service based business that leverages your knowledge to give clients a routine, systematized result each and every time without you being stuck in the business. This allows you to avoid being trapped in the “trade time for money” frenzy that most consultants face each and every day, and it helps you become a beneficiary of what he calls “The Results Economy”.


Suresh May is the founder & CEO of Wealth Weekly Media LLC and he is the host of the Wealth Weekly Show. He loves art and design, helping people create wealth from scratch, and he has an action plan to buy the Atlanta Hawks.

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