How We Used One Simple Facebook Post to Build a $4,500 Per Month Recurring Revenue Stream in Less than 5 Days

“If you do not have monthly recurring revenue in your business, you just have a hobby.”

This quote really stood out to me. In fact, it struck a nerve because I was feeling the pain of starting over with zero sales month after month.

When I first started in business, I was selling a supplement product for $79.95 for a single bottle.

I had no clue what I was doing from a marketing perspective, so my little business was barely doing OK. People were coming to my site, some would leave their email addresses, and a few would buy one bottle every now and then.

I would have a decent month, then the next month I would be back to square one (or square ZERO because I didn’t have any sales!) hustling, hoping, and wishing to find new customers.

Have you experienced this? The joy of doing well in your business, hitting your numbers, then POOF! The next month you have to start from scratch and figure out how to do it all over again.

It really sucks.

After I read that quote, it hit me: “Why not try to give people a discount if they subscribe to get the pills monthly?”

And that ONE decision changed everything.

I went from getting 40 sales in month one (about $3,200 in recurring revenue), then when month two rolled around, about 80% of the people renewed their subscription (about $2,560 in recurring revenue).

And to my surprise, the people that didn’t renew mainly did so because they weren’t finished with their first bottle.

As you can imagine, not having to worry and stress about where my next customers would come from had a MAJOR impact in my business.

I know that sounds sexy… but I have to be open with you: I was afraid to do this the first time I tried it.

My rookie, self-sabotaging business mindset had me asking myself “why would people allow you to charge their credit cards monthly?”

But my customers were totally cool with it, and in most cases they were happy!

After that, I made a very critical decision:

Moving forward, I would do everything in my power to wrap subscriptions around EVERY business model I created.

Fast forward a few years later to my days of heavy investing into ForEx (Foreign Exchange), I started pulling daily profits out of the markets.

Clockin’ them ForEx Take Profit Dollas!

Then it hit me: “I love trading, I’m good at it, and I love helping other people make money. Why not sell people my trades so they can profit too?”

And another recurring revenue business was born.

But there was a problem: I was unknown and I needed customers.

To accomplish this, there were two simple things that I needed to do, and Part One of the solution was to give people Results In Advance.

I had a group of people that I traded with, and we were scammed by our first coach (whole ‘nother story), so we were all looking for a solution to consistently make money in the markets.

After I got a new mentor, I emerged as one of the better traders, so I began sending them the trades I would take in the markets.

To keep it simple, I was sending them free money.

Anytime I placed a trade, I would send the information to them so they could place the same trade.

This is called “giving away cash in advance”

The results were incredible! People started making money and everyone was happy!

After I made my trading buddies hundreds of dollars without asking them for anything upfront, it was time to charge.

Here is why Results In Advance works so well:

When you help people before asking them for anything, it establishes trust, they know you know what you’re talking about, and they know you can deliver.

It’s the ultimate marketing strategy.

My trading friends trusted me. I got them paid without asking for anything, and I taught them some of my strategies for free. That’s Results In Advance 101.

Clients getting that money!

Many people were making a few hundred dollars a day with my trades, so I decided to charge $500/mo for my trading room.

I quickly got 9 clients in the next 5 days, and I instantly had a $4,500 per month business out of thin air ($500/month x 9 = $4,500/month) by posting a simple Facebook message to the people I helped make money.

So what’s Part Two of the customer acquisition solution?

Giving people Results In Advance will do WONDERS for your business, but if you do not have immediate access to a group of hungry people like I did (I was a part of a ForEx trading group), you have to find them.

Even if you have an existing customer base, when it’s time to scale your business and get more customers, you need a Monthly Recurring Revenue Marketing System that predictably and consistently brings new customers and clients to your business so you can hit your revenue goals.

So… with that said, how do you advertise in a way that almost guarantees people come ready and willing to buy your monthly recurring billing products and services?

The 5 Things You Must Do to Sell Monthly Recurring Billing Products & Services

Step 1: Identify Your Hot Target Market

This is easily the most important step, but it is also the most overlooked and under done.

Most business owners wing this and guess (costly no-no), and it leaves them creating marketing messages that get crickets, no sales, and wasted ad dollars. If you take the time to get this right, you’ll truly understand your target market, and you’ll be able to speak directly to their problems and needs which will make your digital cash register ring!

A great target market research tool to use is Facebook Audience Insights, and it’s free.

Find your best customers

Here you can find details on your target audience such as their age, what are they interested in, where they live, their buying habits, how much money they make, etc.

It’s a gold mine of data, and it’s one of the key foundational blocks of getting a great audience that wants to buy from you.

PRO TIP: When looking for interest to target a specific audience, I like to look for buying interest.

For instance, some interest show a general “like” for something vs them actually spending money on that thing.

If you’re targeting golfers, you may think it’s a good idea to target people who like the interest “golf.”

But it isn’t.

Just because someone likes golf, that does not mean they play golf. They could just be a fan of the sport (like me) and is absolutely terrible at the game (also like me).

But if someone is interested in or has liked the Facebook page for Golf Digest (which I have not because I am not a golfer), it tells you a few key things:

  1. They are very likely an amateur or pro golfer.
  2. Golf Digest is a magazine, so it has a monthly subscription. This means that the subscribers have disposable income and they are likely actively spending money on golfing products and services.

See the difference? That’s the difference between targeting that will leave you broke versus targeting that gives you hot, profitable, buyer interest that will get you paid.

Step 2: Ask Them What They Want With Facebook Ads

If you want to GUARANTEE that you get paid, never, and I mean NEVER try to come up with cool ideas to sell. It’s the fastest way to go broke.

When I tell people this, they always get a “huh?” type of look on their faces.

“What are you talking about Suresh?”

When you try to create new, cool ideas on your own, you typically create them based on what YOU think the market wants.

But the fastest, simplest way to make sure you get a ton of sales fast is to ask the market what IT wants, then give them exactly what they asked for.

Simple, right?

PRO TIP: After you identify your target market using Audience Insights in Step 1, you can run simple Facebook ads to that market for $5/day asking them to leave ONE answer to this ONE question in the comments (or if you’re feeling fancy and you understand the power of collecting email addresses, you can send them to an opt-in page):

“What is your biggest struggle/problem with X?”


“What is your biggest problem with your golf swing?”

“What is your biggest problem with losing weight?”

“What is your biggest problem with marketing on Facebook?”

After you ask this question (assuming people have a true problem with what you’re asking), the answers will roll in.

Use these answers to create the offer for your product or service, and you can not lose.

It’s guaranteed to make you some cash money.

Step 3: Give Them The BIG Thing They Want (Free or Low Cost)

This is where things get really fun–

After you ask people what they want, now it’s time to give it to them.

Most of your competitors will try to sell this valuable thing for as much money as possible, but we want to give it to them for free (plus shipping) or as low cost as possible.

“Da hell?”


Because it activates Results In Advance, the Law of Reciprocity, and it makes it super easy for us to get buyers on our email list.

When we give someone that major thing that they need most, they love us, they trust us, and it makes them want to do something for us (like give us their money in exchange for value).

Have you ever needed a friend to do something for you– buy you dinner, fix a flat, house sit your dog– and after they came through for you, you immediately expressed your gratitude and ensured them that you would help them out in some way when they needed you?

Of course you did!

That’s the Law of Reciprocity in action, and it works the same way in business.

And when we have a potential customer make a buying decision (even if it’s just $1), the entire relationship has transformed. They have officially become a buyer, and that’s an intimately more valuable relationship than someone who signed up for something totally free.

PRO TIP: Everyone who subscribes to your email list is a buyer. The only difference is whether you have established enough trust for them to buy from you.

When we give the BIG thing they want to them for a low investment, it makes it easier for more people to want to buy from us, and this will bring infinitely more people through your sales funnel so you can make more money– and it makes it easier for you to sell your monthly recurring revenue products and services.

Step 4: Attach Your Monthly Recurring Revenue Membership to the Big Thing

The most difficult thing about selling memberships is getting people to buy it as a front end offer. A lot of people simply do not like to buy things every month unless they absolutely need to, or if they have a strong desire for the product or service.

Do you like paying your rent or mortgage every month? You very likely are glad that you can afford to pay it, but odds are you do not like to send those checks every month.

The same logic applies to your business, so the simplest way to sell subscriptions is to attach it to the BIG thing as some sort of free or low cost trial.

You know you would buy this!

I know you’ve seen it:

Sports Illustrated: “Get your favorite football team t-shirt at a discount and get a 30 day free trial subscription of SI magazine, then $14.95/mo!”

And one of my all-time favorites:

Columbia House Records: “Get 13 of your favorite music CDs for $1.00 (no typo!) and get a free trial subscription to the Columbia Records Music Club where we send you a new CD for only $20/mo!”

And the list goes on and on.

Approaching our monthly subscription sales this way will allow us to get as many people as possible to join our programs and stick around for a long time in the future because we are giving them a ton of value upfront by giving away the thing they want most!

It’s a brilliant strategy, and it works perfectly.

Step 5: Bonus Through the Rebills

One of the biggest problems with selling monthly billing products and services is keeping your attrition and churn rate low and having your hard earned customers to stay for the long haul.

A great way to overcome this is what’s called “Bonus Through the Rebill.”

“Gimme gimme gimme!”

This is the art of identifying the points at which your members drop off so you can send them a gift during this period to incentivize them to stay longer.

For example, if you know people start to cancel around month three (typical for subscription businesses), you can send them a free gift in the mail (physical products work best because they are tangible, but digital gifts will do) with the promise of more epic things to come as a member of your subscription.

If you’re in the Golf niche and you’re selling monthly golf instructional information, maybe you could send someone a nice set of golf balls as a surprise. Or a glove. Or anything else that’s of high value to golfers that would make them happy to remain a member of your program.

This a simple (although little used) way to keep people coming back again and again to spend money with your business, so make sure you add this to your customer retention strategy!

To Sum It Up:

This 5 step system has worked wonders for me to quickly, easily, and predictably add new members to my recurring revenue subscription programs, and once you implement it, it will do the same for you.

Would you like more cool real life step-by-step case studies and interviewers of successful 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs using recurring revenue products/services to create predictable sales every month so you can implement the work once and get paid over and over again in your business?

Then check out the “Monthly Recurring Revenue Insider Club”.

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